You're organizing a kids' birthday, a wedding, a party among friends, or a reception ?
As a professional you would like to organize a get-together with clients, prospects or co-workers ? You wish to organize a great Family Day celebration or an office Christmas party ? You want to treat someone to a memorable retirement party ? You're dying to celebrate a business win ? You are a professional event organizer ?

We travel to you in Paris and in the Paris region to offer you tailor-made worry-free crepe events.
We have all the necessary equipment to be operational indoors and outdoors and make 30 to 110 festive-looking crepes an hour:

  • 3m x 2m frame tent. Lights. Fridge.
  • professional Krampouz crepe-machines (electric or gas),
  • festive-looking and colorful stall adapted to professional locations,
  • customized crepes (adding the names of people, the name of your company, or logos made of colored batter or cocoa-stenciled decorations),
  • professional liability insurance, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register, compliant with sanitary requirements.

Setting up the stall takes less than 90 minutes. All we need is 2 electric plugs.

Please read the FAQ section section if you want to know more about the number of crepes per hour we can make, our prices, and what the organizers should know.

You can also contact us so that we can co-create an event to be relished by participants of all ages.

Photo gallery

Here are a few examples of our events. The photos are not always top-notch, but it's real life! Depending on the circumstances we take our stall with us, or we play the chameleons and cook in meeting rooms, entrance halls or parking lots!

animation crêpes en entreprise
Stand de crêpes à Paris
Prestation de crêpes en événementiel
Stand de crêpes en événementiel
Animation crêpes en entreprise
Animation crêpes pour show room
Buffet de crêpes en entreprise
Stand de crêpes ambulant
Animation crêpes en supermarché
Buffet de crêpes en événementiel
Traiteur crêpier pour entreprises
Une crêpe insolite

Example #1: a professional exhibition

Digital marketing professionals meet up every year in April at the Palais des Expositions in Paris (Porte de Versailles) for a benchmark exhibition.
For its first participation in 2019 the German company Admitad wanted to leave a mark and offered its clients and prospects traditionally-made crepes on its exhibition stand for 3 days. Setting up the mini-creperie was a real challenge : navigating logistical constraints (low electric power, cooking exhaust policies), working in a very limited space (only 2sq m!), managing refrigeration and waste, serving in English and in German
Mission accomplished!

Traiteur crêpes pour les salons professionnels
Une crêpe marketing

Example #2 : a Corporate Christmas time event

In Decembre 2016 the now famous chain of traditionally-made burgers Big Fernand asked us to organize a crepe buffet for their end-of-the year party. We were present from 6:00pm to 11:00pm in their Galeries Lafayette restaurant in Paris.

Big Fernand aux Galeries Lafayette
Traiteur crêpes événementiel à Paris
Crêpier traiteur à Paris
Traiteur crêpes à Paris

Example #3: a Youth festival

The organizers of "La Grande Echelle" festival (Paris, 15th arrondissement) invited us to make our Crepes Magiques for the festival-goers on 15 and 16/10/2016.

''Three days of show, workshops and shared games in the various spaces of the Montfort Theatre, chasing for the ''childhood spirit''. Three days to set off for indoor and outdoor adventures, invent, marvel, question oneself, in the mere pleasure of being here together. Acrobats, dancers, musicians, clowns, comedians, plastic artists and philosophers will lead the way off the beaten track to embark on a wonderful journey to discover oneself and each other...''

For that special occasion, we created customized stencils and used a cocoa signature to stencil ''La Grande Echelle'' on every crepe.
A special yellow crepe in the shape of a duck was also devised to take up the mascot of the Montfort Theatre, a giant yellow duck.

Animation crêpes pour événementiel à Paris
Théâtre Montfort
Une crêpe originale
Crêpes pour enfants
Une crêpe insolite
Stand crêpes bretonnes à Paris

Example #4: wedding

In Paris during the month of June.
Aziza calls: she's getting married on a barge in "exactly 8 days" and "she very much wants a crepe buffet".
That's our speciality.
And everything was filmed: preparing the crepe batter, setting up the stand, cooking the pancakes, foodie reviews and behind the scenes of the event!

Frequently Asked Questions

"How many crepes an hour can you make?"

A fundamental question, right? We'll try to answer simply…

For sweet crepes (wheat batter crepes)
- One crepe chef using one crepe-maker makes about 30 crepes an hour (that is without having to manage customer payment at the same time, and if the customers know exactly what type of filling they want, do not change their mind while their crepe is cooking, nor ask for their crepe to be cut in two, or want more Nutella, etc.).
- One crepe chef using 2 crepe-makers makes 45 to 50 crepes an hour.

We never make any crepe in advance because it's not as good, and because it spoils the show. Exceptionally, if required by the customer, we can pre-cook a few crepes in the hours leading to the event so as to be able to increase production when needed.
When pre-cooking is the choice:
- 1 crepe chef with 2 crepe machines makes 85 to 90 crepes an hour.

For savoury crepes or buckwheat galettes: due to a longer cooking time, production is 40 % lower than for sweet crepes.
We do not pre-cook buckwheat.

Good to know:
- for organizational reasons (fumes, electricity supply) we try not to exceed a total of 2 crepe-makers and 4 crepe machines.
- experience shows that electrical installations in a corporate environment are often insufficient when used for more than 4 crepe machines (triggering of the circuit breaker), in spite of our 25-meter extension cables.
- it is essential to operate in a properly ventilated facility to prevent smoke detectors from going off.

"Do you use gas or electric crepe-makers?"

We have both in order to adapt to your needs.

For safety reasons, we always work with electrical equipment indoor.

For outdoor use, we also prefer electric equipment, except when there are technical issues (plugs situated further than 25m, weak power, presence of water...).

"What kind of precautions should I take if I want to organize a crepe party in my offices?"

Floor: the floor will have to be easy to clean, as customers may drop Nutella or salted butter caramel.

Ventilation: nothing in particular as long as the facility has big windows that can be opened. If only air conditioning is available, we'll have to limit the number of crepe machines and we won't be able to make buckwheat galettes. This is due to potential cooking fumes and the presence of smoke detectors.

"How much does a crepe-themed event cost?"

Here comes 'the' embarrassing question...
One might answer it depends, because ''each event is unique''. And it is partly true. But it won't help.

Our prices start at 750 € (+VAT 10%): 4 hours of making sweet crepes, 1 crepe chef, in Paris and the Paris region, one weekday between 10AM and 6PM, ingredients and disposable plates included.

There is an additional cost for bigger quantities, for more distant locations, for night or weekend events, for savoury crepes, or any special demand such as : a tailor-made adapted recipe, separate sessions within the same day, or a change in stall display for example.

There can be a discount if the event takes place on a regular basis or if it is in our street 😉