Everything you need to know about the professional electric crepe makers by Krampouz

The Krampouz company, a French company, is the global leader in the crepe-making market for professionals.

The "standard" electric crepe maker by Krampouz

Altough I don’t have any statistics on the topic, I can tell you it is the best seller in whole the range of Krampouz products. Many take away restaurants use the 40cm stainless steel frame model (reference CEBIV4) and many consumers have the green-painted steel frame model (reference CEBPA4).

Technical characteristics:
- Cast steel food safe griddles,
- 1coil heating element (built-in),
- 1 thermostat adjustable from 50°C to 300°C,
- Power : 2500W to 3000W,
- Diameter and weight : 35cm (12kg) or 40cm (16kg). Only reference CEBPA4 exists in a 48cm (25kg) version.

Référence CEBPA4
Gamme Standard

How much does a standard round electric crepe maker by Krampouz cost?

Reference CEBIV4 costs 350 €
Reference CEBPA4 costs 250 €

Both can be found second-hand at an average price of 160 to 180 €