Everything you need to know about Krampouz professional electric crepe makers

If you have already read my presentation of the Krampouz company and their gas crepe makers, you know how important this brand is on the professional market.

So I will present here the two star electric crepe makers of Krampouz, namely the Standard and Luxury range round crepe makers, even if other manufacturers exist in France and in the world.

And just for the record: I have no vested interests here - you won't find any link to Amazon that would commission me on sales 😉 This is just about sharing experience and some personal opinions on the subject.

A new range since 2022

After 30 years without anything new in its pro range Krampouz launched in 2022 a series of new models with the slogan "The same, but better". Here are the main changes:

  • A more robust and tear-resistant joystick. When the old levers were removed for cleaning, the small metal plate used to lock the stem often got lost, resulting in the need to buy a new knob.
  • Simplified ignition: the green on/off switch of the old Luxury crepe makers could malfunction. From now on, you can switch on by turning the control lever to select the temperature.
  • Easier cleaning: reinforced front panel, removal of the grooves on the control handle (we spent a lot of time brushing them!!), removal of the on/off switch (and its never transparent plastic cap).
  • A modernised design.

We regret the fact that simple needs are not taken into account: a factory seasoning to speed up the first use, adjustable feet to position the crepe maker horizontally (all those who do events know what I am talking about!), a level integrated into the frame to facilitate the installation of the crepe maker, a 2 year warranty instead of 1 year, the sale of transport boxes (also suitable for storage), etc.

The new products for 2022 are not a revolution and as the brand's products are very robust there is no reason to change your equipment prematurely. That's why you'll find the two ranges below (pre-2022 and post-2022), because we're still seeing them in our kitchens and for sale second-hand!

The "standard" electric crepe maker by Krampouz

Altough I don’t have any statistics on the topic, I can tell you it is the best seller in whole the range of Krampouz products. Many take away restaurants use the 40cm stainless steel frame model CSRO4 (CEBIV4 before 2022) and many consumers have the green-painted steel frame model (reference CEBPA4).

Technical characteristics:
- Cast steel food safe griddles,
- 1coil heating element (built-in),
- 1 thermostat adjustable from 50°C to 300°C,
- Power : 2500W to 3000W,
- Diameter and weight : 35cm (12kg) or 40cm (16kg). Only reference CEBPA4 exists in a 48cm (25kg) version.

Find my best tips for seasoning and cleaning the crepe maker

Gamme Standard avant 2022
Référence CEBPA4

How much does a standard round electric crepe maker by Krampouz cost?

Reference CEBIV4 costs 350 €
Reference CEBPA4 costs 250 €

Both can be found second-hand at an average price of 160 to 180 €

How much electricity does a Krampouz crepe maker consume?

To my great surprise, this information is not available anywhere. They just say "power consumption of 3 kWh at €0.1546 kWh" so that makes 46 cents of euros. Except that this is not true because the crepe maker does not heat permanently. So I did the following test: during one hour of cooking crepes at 200° C (400° F) I timed when the thermostat was on: 21 minutes 14 seconds. The consumption of an electric crepe maker is therefore 1 kWh, or about €0.16 per hour.

I will specify two things: when the crepe maker heats up it always uses the maximum power of 3000 W (no variation possible). And then the cycles are surprisingly regular: 1min10 of heating, 2min25 (approximately) of extinction.

And for buckwheat galettes cooked at 250° C (500° F)? Unsurprisingly, the crepe maker consumes more: it takes 35 minutes and 8 seconds to turn on (cycles of 1min50 on / 1min10 off). The cost price of an electric crepe maker is therefore 1.7 kWh, or €0.27 per hour.

Why does Krampouz write "occasional use" about the standard model, which is part of the "professional" range?

It's not very coherent, is it? I called them to ask the question. By "occasional use" they mean use by a caterer or a tea shop. It is "not advisable" to use the Standard range "more than 4 hours a day", and "it is preferable to choose a Luxury model for prolonged use" which is suitable for "regular" or "intensive" use (such as in a creperie).

However, in big cities, take-away sales are almost exclusively done with Standard crepe makers, and they work from 11.30am to 2am. Apparently without too much trouble... So what is the risk of using a Standard crepe maker intensively?

First of all, overheating the sole heating element, for example if the thermostat is set on 250° C (500° F) for a long time without cooking. The crepe maker will then go into a safety mode and you will have to reset the thermal short circuit to turn it back on (even when cold). How to do it? This is a gift as it's not in the instructions: turn the crepe maker upside down, unscrew the frame (unfortunately welded on some models), reset the circuit breaker.

Secondly, the thermostat can fail because it is designed to go off "a certain number" of times in a row. No way of knowing more about this "number of times". But it's not the end of the world because a new thermostat costs €20 on the internet. And don't count on Krampouz to put in a more robust thermostat, it's not in their interest.

The Krampouz electric crepe maker - Luxury range

The Luxury model is the most common in creperies. It is a safe value, it purrs without complaint and is indestructible. This crepe maker is recommended for intensive use. Its nick name in 40 cm is CTRO4 (2022 range) or CEBIA4 (before 2022).

Technical description:
- Machined cast iron plates, food-certified
- 2 to 3 coil heating elements embedded in the cast iron
- Heating indicator and temperature control in degrees (up to 300°C)
- Power: 3000 W (35 cm), 3600 W (40 cm), 4800 W (48 cm)
- Diameter and weight: 35 cm (16 kg), 40 cm (21 kg) or 48 cm (26 kg)

More information in the Krampouz electric billig user manuals (BEFORE 2022/AFTER 2022).
Find my best tips for seasoning and cleaning the crepe maker

How much does a Luxury electric crepe maker by Krampouz cost?

590 € for the new range and 530 € for the range before 2022.
The second-hand average price is around 300 €.

After 2022
After 2022
Before 2022
Before 2022