Our traditional French crepes

A quick world tour…

Everyone who traveled a little will tell you the same thing : crepes can be found all around the world. But they are made with very different types of flour !
The basic principle if really simple : it consists in cooking a blend of cereals and water on a hot surface which, once hardened, is usually garnished before being folded and ready to eat.

  • In China, there are crepes made with rice flour.
  • In South America maize flour is used to make tortillas, whereas in India ''dosas'' are made of chickpea or lent flour.
  • In Europe and Russia, buckwheat flour is used.
  • But it is certainly wheat flour that is found in most countries : in North America (pancakes), in Europe and Japan (crepes, piadinas, etc.), in Northern Africa ("msemen").

Traditional French crepes


Crepes are made of a blend of eggs, melted butter, milk and wheat flour. The resulting batter is used to make savory crepes, for example those garnished with ham and cheese. In order to make sweet crepes, all you need is add a little sugar and flavor to the batter. This variety of crepes can be filled with chocolate, jam or honey.

Traditionally-made crepes are paper-thin and made of salted butter so as to become crispy on the edges while remaining soft in the center. Their color is yellow, with browning.

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Savoury crepes

Savoury crepes (called "galettes in French) are made solely of water, salt and buckwheat flour. This variety of batter is gluten-free. They are more savory than crepes and their color is brown. Galettes are generally filled with salty ingredients, although salted butter caramel can also be used. You can tell a galette from a crepe thanks to the holes that are due to the fermenting of the batter.
Traditionally-made galettes are made of salted butter too.

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So : crepe or galette ?

Here is a recap chart presenting the differences between crepes and traditional French galettes.


Flour type: Wheat

Other ingredients: Eggs, milk, butter

Presence of gluten: Yes

Batter standing time: 2 hours

Salted butter cooking: Yes

Cooking temperature: 200°C (400°F)

Color after cooking: Yellow

Presence of holes: No

Thinness: Very thin

Sweet fillings: Yes

Savory fillings: Yes

Taste: Light


Flour type: Buckwheat

Other ingredients: Salt, water

Presence of gluten: No

Batter standing time: 6 hours

Salted butter cooking: Yes

Cooking temperature: 250°C (480°F)

Color after cooking: Brown

Presence of holes: Yes

Thinness: Average thin

Sweet fillings: Seldom

Savory fillings: Yes

Taste: Strong

Our ''Crêpes Magiques''

Children love crepes, and yet crepes are rarely presented in a playful way or adapted to consumption by little ones. It is the kids who have to adapt to crepes made for adults, and never the crepes that are adapted to their expectations, whether in taste, shap or color.

That's exactly why we have developed an exclusive collection of crepes based on the traditional recipe AND looking super fun: the Hello Kitty crepe, stencilled chocolate ornamentations, or characters made of colored batter are some of our creations.

Kids love it, and parents love it even more!

For photos of our ''Crêpes Magiques'', click here!