In the past few months, many future professionals have attended our crepe cooking classes for individuals. Samira wanted to scale up the offer in her foodtruck in Montmartre, Ella planned to open a creperie in Togo, Baptiste had to take a top-quality crash-course to substitute for his chef who was on sick-leave...

Good-quality training courses do exist in professional schools, but it is often in Brittany, it is five day long and it costs at least 1000 euros, with extra cost for transport and accommodation.

So we had an idea: a crepe-making course session in Paris for professionals to crash-learn the art of making traditional crepes and galettes. No waste of time, just the gist of it all, and you'll go back home the same night knowing the basic techniques – And... the whole package is good vibes included!

  • Location: Paris
  • Duration: 1 day (10am to 5pm), lunch break included (a crepe-based lunch, of course!)
  • Group class > Minimum number of participants: 2, maximum : 3, Price: 250 €, everything included (ingredients, recipes and apron) + 15 days online support 
  • Private class > Only one participant (you!), Price: 500 €, everything included (ingredients, recipes and apron) + 15 days online support 
  • Next coming session: please contact me by email or by phone (+33 6 63 19 19 87)
    We also organize online individual crepe training courses (via Skype or WhatsApp, by appointment).
  • Language: French. Workshops in English and German also available
  • The crepe training sessions are for professionals, but they are open to non-professionals.
  • We are not registered as a professional training school and we do not deliver any diploma.

Key points in the program:
- We get to know each other and you can tell us about your project and your expectations
- Preparation of a traditional whole wheat flour batter (sweet crepes)
- Preparation of the traditional buckwheat flour batter (savory crepes)
- Learning how to cook, garnish, fold and presentation.
Please note : a professional electric crepe machine is available for each participant.

The aim of this crash-course in the traditional art of crepe-making is to learn the basics to make classic French savory and sweet crepes. You will then have to devote many hours to practice in order to acquire the exact gestures, to adjust your timing and gain in confidence.
You can also go visit the best crepe restaurants in Paris (and a few less convincing ones as well) in order to make a final choice on what you want to offer to your future guests
(We have a few recommendations for you on that point).

Finally, we will answer all your questions such as:

  • What are the best ingredients to make cost-saving crepes? What are the best ingredients to make tasty crepes?
  • How long should the batter stand? How to store the batter?
  • What equipement should I use to make crepes (an electric crepe maker or a gas crepe maker? What are the different types of batter spreaders)
  • What is the perfect temperature to cook traditional crepes and savory crepes?
  • How to maintain the crepe maker (seasoning, scraping, brushing, cleaning)
  • How to follow food hygiene and security rules?
  • How to save time? How to work on two crepe makers at the same time?
  • How to salvage a crepe that seems botched? (it would be a really bad idea to toss it away as 10 people are waiting in line and they are ravenous)
  • How to keep the Nutella spread warm and soft?
  • Tips for washing up.

Please note: The following subjects will not be dealt with in detail, but I can always help you with them through an online individual session :

  • How to open a crepe restaurant? (Creperie, traveling restaurant or food-truck. Paperwork, financing / How to find the right spot / Alterations, conformity to standards / Communication techniques, general management)
  • How to recruit a good crepe chef
  • How to set up a menu, make the right purchases, and store expertly
  • Training on security issues and food hygiene
  • Making home-made fillings such as compote, salted butter caramel, mushrooms, or grilled vegetables
  • Organic products, gluten-free cooking, food intolerance, drinks (cider, perry, apple juice).


On demand, we can also come to your restaurant.
This allows us to train several of your staff simultaneously (for example seasonal workers) and to use your own equipment (each gas crepe maker has its own kind of heat, so better use the material that you will use on a daily basis).

Location: France and abroad
Duration: one day minimum (7 hours)
Price: please contact us
Availability: please contact us

Formation pour crêpier à Paris

Crepe training session in Paris

Crepe course Paris