Our participants around the world have asked for private live sessions on Skype and Whatsapp.
All my training sessions are given from Paris.


  • Simplicity: no need of a plane ticket . The crepes come to you.
  • Flexible schedule: the training is on appointment, 24/7, and is adapted to your schedule and your time zone. In case of emergency, we offer same-day training sessions.
  • Tailor-made content: whether your request is simple ("I'd like to learn how to maintain my crepe-maker") or more complex ("Help!!! I need to learn how to make crepes overnight!!"), we'll have a solution for you.
    Plus, as you're the only participant, the content of the course will be 100 % adapted to your needs.
  • Assistance: if necessary, I will answer your questions for 15 days after the training to help you start your business.
  • In French or English!


Here is concretely how it goes:

1/ Your request

Please e-mail me, or call me, using Skype or Whatsapp and tell me what you need (see below some examples) and what your availabilities are. I'll send you an estimate of the duration, an appointment date and time, as well as a list of what you need to prepare on your end (see below).

2/ Confirmation and payment

You should then confirm the online appointment and pay for the total amount of the private crepe cooking session.
The price is 50 euros every 30 minutes (+VAT 20%). The session is a one-shot and minimum billing is 1 hour. Payment is made by transfer or by credit card (Visa or Mastercard accepted) on a secure website.

3/ On the day of the session

I'll call you via Skype or Whatsapp at the time we agreed on, and you're on!
All professional recipes sent by email.

Cours de crêpes en ligne


"The basics" / For the general public / 2 hours

- Presentation of the equipment and how to maintain it
- What ingredients to choose?
- Preparation of professional whole wheat batter
- Spreading, cooking, garnishing, folding

"Option galettes" / For the general public / 1/2 hour

- What type of ingredients to choose?
- Preparation of buckwheat batter
- Spreading, cooking, garnishing, folding

"The basics" / For professionals / 4 hours

- Presentation of the specificities of your project
- Presentation of the equipment (electric or gas) and of the techniques to maintain it (cleaning, seasoning)
- What type of ingredients to choose?
- Preparation of professional whole wheat batter for crepes
- Preparation of buckwheat batter for galettes
- Spreading, cooking, garnishing, folding
- Storing techniques (raw batter and cooked crepes)
- and of course loads of advice and tips from the best

"Options" / For professionals / Price based on duration

  • "Opening of a new venue": paperwork, financing, how to find a permanent location or a temporary spot, alterations, conformity to standards, purchasing, storing, management.
  • "Technique": What kind of crepe-machine to choose? Gas or electric crepe-makers? Single griddle or double griddle? Round or square frame? What is the energy consumption of gas crepe-machines? What is the energy consumption of electric crepe-makers?
  • "Communication": your internet website, social networks, Tripadvisor, proximity marketing
  • "Marketing": What kind of crepe place should I open? What kind of concept to choose? Franchise or independent? How to do market research? Are delivery platforms advisable?
  • "Human resources": How to recruit my staff ? What type of pay should I choose? How to foster employee loyalty? How to deal with tips?
  • "The menu": How to set up the menu of my crepe restaurant? When and how should I develop my crepe restaurant menu? How to set up a price list? How to calculate cost price?
  • "Home-made fillings": How to make and store the most commonly used fillings? (compote, salted butter caramel, mushrooms, grilled vegetables, etc.)
  • "Time-saving methods": how to work with 2 crepe-makers? How to precook crepes? Why make crepes ahead of time ? How to make a perfect batter preparation? Ready-made crepe batter mix.
  • "New trends" : organic, gluten-free, food intolerance. Reflection on the customers' most recent expectations. Preparation of specific tailor-made recipes using gluten-free flours, plant-based milk, etc.


  • A smartphone (+ charger), a tablet or a computer equipped with a webcam + a highspeed internet connexion. Please check the frame ahead of the session : I'll need to see you as you work, and the focus should be on the crepe-machine. The use of a tripod is recommended.
  • The ingredients to prepare the batter and to fill the crepes (sugar, jam, grated cheese, ham)
  • Cooking equipment: professional electric crepe-maker, ladle, spreader and bowl of water, greasing pad, spatula, whisk, 2 small plates, 1 knife, sunflower oil, an apron
  • If possible: a bowl of buckwheat batter that you will have prepared the day before.
Formation crêpier à distance

Michael from Houston learning how to make crepes during the COVID-19 quarantine

Online crepe training session